RTM Composite Plastic Products

The Ideal Solution For Products In Many Industries

MRM is well diversified and currently manufacturing for more than 10 different markets.  This makes us flexible and stable, with the ability to react quickly to changing market needs.  Our diversity also has made us secure & financially strong during the current economic downturn.

Reduce component weight up to 15% or more by switching from steel to RTM, pound for pound stronger than steel yet lighter weight.  We apply a well documented formulate for strength, compression, tensile, impact, etc., creating significant improvement in part properties adding to part durability.

Because of the benefits it offers, Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) is an ideal solution for the manufacturing of composite products in many industries and categories, including these and more:

  • Automotive and trucking industry
  • Aircraft and aeronautics industry
  • Marine and watercraft industry
  • Public transportation
  • Retail and displays
  • Testing and weather simulation
  • Medical
  • Agricultural and farm products/applications
  • Industrial and manufacturing
  • Building and construction
  • Parks and recreation
  • Consumer products

The following list is nowhere near exhaustive, but will provide a good listing of products and applications ideally suited to RTM composite plastics.

  • Exterior automotive, aircraft, watercraft, and public transportation use
    • Body panels - cars, trucks, buses, RV's, planes, boats, etc.
    • Wind deflectors
    • Rear spoilers
    • Spare tire covers
  • Interior automotive, aircraft, watercraft, and public transportation use
    • Internal parts, trim, panels, and seating
    • Sound barriers and acoustical panels
    • Public transportation convenience and safety features
    • Furnishings and parts for semi truck cabins
    • Furnishings and parts for boat cabins
  • Structural automotive, aircraft, watercraft, and public transportation use
    • Brackets, components, housings, and parts that need to resist heat, corrosion, and rust
    • Weight reduction parts that increase fuel efficiency while maintaining strength and stability
  • Manufacturing, industrial, and safety use
    • Chemical resistant testing chambers
    • Weather and aging simulation chambers
    • Quality assurance testing
    • Nonconductive safety shields and housings
    • Manufacturing equipment panels and parts
    • Fire safety doors
    • Lift buckets
  • Furniture use
    • Mobile caddies and stations
    • Medical equipment
    • Outdoor furniture
    • Park and playground equipment
    • Seating
    • Furniture and equipment for research
  • Agricultural and farm use
    • Ventilation fans, safety shields, and housings
    • Farm equipment panels and parts
  • Building and construction
    • Interior furnishings
    • Doors
    • Sound barriers and acoustical panels
    • Shrouds and housings
    • Indoor and outdoor seating
    • Weather resistant landscaping
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There are many composite products that can be produced using the resin transfer molding method. Please contact us to discuss your needs and find out if fiberglass reinforced plastic manufacturing is the ideal solution for your project.


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